Testimonials for Elayne & Viryam

Viryam creates a ritual of sacred time and space through which we can come face to face with the important issues regarding our lives and sexuality. The Sexuality NZ courses benefit from his blend of sensitivity, integrity and highly-evolved inter-personal skills.  Combined with his huge heart and great sense of humour, I highly recommend him to those yearning to explore the divine connection between sexuality and spirituality.”

Benjamin J. (Manager, Wellington)

Elayne has a relaxed and easy teaching style which gently lures and guides you and helps you to better understand yourself and to take better care of you and your own well being.

The Chi Kung exercises are quite different, but amazingly revitalising and energising. I would urge any woman wishing to enchance her own welbeing to come along with an open mind and experience Elayne’s gentle teaching and guidance.

Thank you for running the course Elayne, I personally got a lot out of it.”

with love Gena xx

My relationships have suffered from my fears of intimacy. I was referred to Elayne by an ex-partner and Elayne helped me work on the many issues that were holding me back from having a fulfilling relationship. I have attended classes put on by Sexuality New Zealand and I have always found them to be extremely useful and packed with so much actionable information. I would highly recommend the Sexuality Course to anyone, if you have issues as I did – or not – your relationships will be improved.”


Debbie Alexander (Auckland, New Zealand)