Sexuality Courses – The Tao of Healing Love


Do you want to have more fulfilling relationships in your life?

Do you have a low or high libido & want to learn how to manage it?

Do want to feel both loving and sexual at the same time?

Do you want to know what sexual healing really is? Would you like to have balanced hormones?

Would you like to learn how to use your sexual energy to give you vitality?

Our sexuality is the spice of life. It motivates us, allows us to give and receive and also it acts as a creative force. It is healing and allows us to grow.    It is a natural expression of ourselves and its beautiful!   Social conditioning and negative experiences can shut our sexuality down.  This course will give you a new perspective on sexual healing and your body.

This course is for everyone: men, women, couples and single people of any orientation who genuinely want to learn and grow.    There is no sexual touching of each other, you work on your own.

This course is based on ancient Chinese practices, developed over hundreds of years, for cultivating our sexual energy and bringing it together with the love of our heart.    It was originally taught by Master Mantak Chia of the Tao Garden, Thailand.

If you want me to run a course for you in your town, get a group of 10 people together and the course will be free for you and your partner.

There is no nudity or sex on the course. Please bring warm comfortable clothes for exercising in, two cushions, two blankets and your water bottle.  


  • The Microcosmic Orbit:   How to move energy around your body
  • Testicle breathing
  • How to activate and guide sexual energy
  • How to develop a healthy pelvic floor
  • The Taoist view of lovemaking
  • Foreplay that will make her come back for more
  • How to open the heart and connect with your partner



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  • The Six Healing Sounds:   How to balance your emotions when you fall in love
  • Ovarian Breathing
  • Orgasmic Upward Draw:  Guiding your sexual energy inside your body
  • How the healing love practices can improve your health and vitality
  • How to stay in your centre when making love
  • How to cultivate a balanced sexual/heart energy