Sexual Healing for Women

Many women have had sexual experiences which have not been pleasant or have been abusive. This shuts them down and makes it difficult to open up when they are with a new partner. They can feel the sexual energy and they love their partner, but their body says “no”. The memory of sexual abuse within the body is too strong. They may have had counselling, and resolved the experience on a mental level, but their body still stays shut down. This is because it takes body work to heal the body. Most massage does not involve the use of sexual energy, and yet sexual healing comes when sexual energy and touch is present. Of course, you have to build up a relationship with your massage therapist, good boundaries, communication and trust before exploring your sexual energy with another person.

Elayne takes you through a series of massages and you set the pace. There are clear agreements at the start of each session. For example she might begin with relaxation massage. Then she will teach you how to set boundaries and also to ask for what you want and how you want it (a skill that gets eroded if there has been sexual abuse). She will teach you how to relax with touch, and let go through using the breath, and how to feel into areas of the body that are uncomfortable for you to have touched. You become aware of your body and go into dialogue with it. If emotions come up, they are allowed to flow. It’s all about you healing yourself and moving into a wholesome sense of your sexuality which is felt in your body. At some point, you may agree to receive sensual massage where you can begin to feel delicious, sensual and open. We create a safe place where you can reconnect and experience your sensuality, without having the fear of ‘having’ to have sex. Elayne works with you to relax tensions in your erogenous zones, transforming negative energy into openness and bliss. Together, we retrain your body to feel sensual. It’s like re-discovering yourself, your inner beauty and femininity.

This is a transformational process and may bring old memories and experiences up for you to release. If an issue appears she may also recommend you have some specialised counselling for that particular area. This is the way to set yourself free and move on into who you really are – a beautiful, sensual woman who walks in her own power.

Each session costs $80 and lasts for one and a half hours. You may need up to 5-10 sessions – we go at your pace. It is better if the sessions are on a regular basis as then we are developing new body habits.

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