One to One Skype Sessions

If you wish to talk to Elayne, she offers one to one sessions via Skype.

Please send Elayne an email outlining on what you would like to work. If Elayne feels she can help you, she will send you her contact details and set up a Skype session with you. If she cannot help you, she will suggest one of her alternative contacts.

Skype sessions cost $70 per hour which is paid in advance.

Here is a list of the sort of topics she could help you with:

  • How to connect with your partner
  • Exploring yourself as lover through expanding your repertoire of Lover’s masks
  • Understanding masculine and/or feminine energy
  • How to attract a partner
  • Dealing with lust
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Libido problems – too much or not enough
  • Painful interecourse

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