Massage for Couples

This weekend course teaches you and your partner how to give and receive massage. No prior experience is needed, just a willingness to give it a go. It is a private course – just for two people and you have the exclusive tuition of Elayne.

Why not visit Nelson and create a intimate retreat for you both? Elayne can advise you where to stay.


Elayne has been a masseuse and teacher of massage for many years. She has a direct, yet sensitive approach, taking your needs into account, It’s very relaxing, enjoyable and fun. In this weekend course you will learn basic massage, aspects of sensual massage, erogenous zones and erotic touch, (to the level you feel comfortable with), how to connect and find out what your partner likes and how to deepen intimacy between the two of you.

Course schedule:

Friday night: 7-9 p.m. Introduction to massage. You will meet Elayne and get to know each other. She will warm you up with some simple massage strokes.

Saturday: The morning is free so you can enjoy the Nelson market, take a walk by the river or visit the beach. Class starts at 1 p.m. and runs through til about 4 p.m. (this can vary). Elayne will work beside each one of you, so you can learn the massage techniques.

There is an early dinner break, and Elayne meets with you again at 7 til 10 p.m. for another class.

Sunday: Have a late breakfast, and class starts at 10 a.m. By now you will be familiar with all the techniques, and the final session is just a matter of fine tuning. Class finishes at 1 p.m.

Elayne provides the massage table, all the equipment and basic notes, although you will develop your own style during the course. You can use your own venue or Elayne for the classes.

Tuition cost is $500 per couple payable in advance.   For two or more couples learning at the same time tuition is $400 per couple.



Here is a testimonial from a couple who attended my basic massage course.
“It was great to meet you, and we had a lovely day. The introduction to massage course exceeded my expectations in every way.
We both enjoyed the friendly approach and warm easygoing atmosphere (don’t change that!). The pace was perfect. No rush, not too much to take in, and plenty of tea breaks, which are nice, and allow the “students” to have a chat and ask questions etc. Its also nice to get to know the other people on the course, as lets be honest, it is a little more revealing than lets say sitting a math test with someone that you haven’t met before. Also, the fact that you had tea and snacks, very welcoming. The actual massage room was fantastic. Well laid out, clean, warm, spacious (a must for two couples), everything well prepared, no erratic moments, all went to show that you had taken time and trouble in preparation and consideration of your guests.
Did we feel comfortable? Well, a resounding yes, and in every way, both physically (warm and safe), but also not threatened or embarrassed, but safe in an environment of care and personal consideration for each of us (does that make sense?).
What could you improve?… I honestly can’t think of anything Elayne!
Elayne, I’m sure if we were all to do a one day intro course for massage ANYWHERE, it couldn’t be better than the day we all spent with you.
Oh, I were telling a friend about your course, I would say, “if you want to book a surprise for your wife, and something that she will probably never forget, go no further than booking Elayne’s massage intro course”. From the man’s perspective, it is a nice way to show the woman you love that you still actually care about her. It can surely do no harm, and it beats taking her to watch rugby or for yet another pub lunch! If nothing else, part of the day includes being massaged by two (women), which feels exquisite, and beats the “pub lunch” by a million miles. As another student on the course said when she was receiving the same “I feel like lady muck!”… made us all laugh, but yes, she hit it right on the nail!
At the end of the day, I felt that I had made three new friends, which I guess goes a long way to expressing how wonderful I found the whole experience.
Thank you Elayne.”

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