For Him

Last Longer

Sometimes the passion rises for a couple and sex is hot, quick and steamy, lasting a few minutes. However most women need a deeper, longer, more intimate form of sex, especially if you want her to keep coming back to you for more. We teach you ways to extend the pleasure and gain deep satisfaction – you will want to keep going for hours.

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Sensual Massage

Most women love to be touched. Women do not always want to get straight into sex, they want to be “warmed up” first or sometimes they just want a relaxing massage without the sex as a different form of intimacy. Massage is a beautiful thing to give: you get to admire her fabulous body, get to know what she really likes and enjoy her pleasure.

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Asking for what you want or finding out what she wants can be quite a challenge. Often we are expected to be mind readers and it’s very frustrating for both parties when we can’t clearly hear each other around sex. Let’s face it, women can give a lot of mixed messages and you need to ask a lot of questions to find out what she really means.

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Make Her Purr

Women by nature take a lot longer than men to warm up into sex. They need to feel loved to really open up to you and what “loved” means can be quite a mystery to men. Sex to women begins with a light, humorous attitude from a man, some practical support (like providing a meal or cleaning up before she arrives), a clear intent that he desires her, a few texts during the day with subtle compliments, touch that relaxes, and a love-making technique which turns her on from the head down to her toes.

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6 Ways To Get Her in The Mood.

  • Set the scene. Make it romantic. Romance can start with a walk on the beach, a glass of wine, candles, or a bath.
  • Women are not interested in sex if they have to cook, clean, take care of children or are stressed.
  • Take her away for the night, or stay home and with food on hand, get out the candles, run a bath and tidy the bedroom.
  • Touch her but non sexually. Stroke her hand or arm, gently touch her hair, dance with her, give her a hug.
  • Take your time with the loving. Kiss her on the mouth, face and neck. Discover what she likes. Don’t hurry to the breasts or genitals, give her time to desire you.
  • Sensual touch avoiding the genitals is a huge turn on for women. Its a slow seduction to the point where she aches for you. Take your time and enjoy her going deeper into the space.

Sexuality Health Tips

  • Ask her

    about contraception and safe sex before you have sex. She will feel respected and that you putting her needs first. This will deepen her trust and be more open with you. Take her requests to heart and follow them through. Be a man of your word.

  • More than one partner?

    Have regular STD checks at a free clinic near you. STDs are on the rise and you are responsible for taking care of yourself. They can make you really sick and if you pass it on, it can create ill-feeling. Do your part.

  • Lubrication

    Lubrication can be a problem during sex. Once a woman gets dry her genitals become sore very quickly and she will no longer want to have sex. Keep some Sylk lubricant or a cold pressed unscented vegetable oil on hand if things dry up. Plain yoghurt is nice to use too.

  • I masturbate often

    Will I become infertile?
    This is just one of the few myths associated with masturbation. No, masturbation cannot make you infertile irrespective of how often you do it. It is a very natural way to understand your body and can be quite a healthy habit.

  • She wants to get intimate but I’m not ready.

    This is another one of those hard-to-believe things, but men can also feel pressured about having sex when they are not ready to do so. If you’re not ready to get intimate for whatever reason, be honest about it. Instead of rejecting you (which is what is worrying you), your partner will respect your honesty and wait till you’re ready.

  • Is it ok to make love during her monthly period?

    As long as both of you are comfortable having sex during her period, there is no reason why you can’t. Yes, it may get a little messy but that’s your personal choice. Do make sure you have protected sex so that you do not catch any infections or STDs.