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Matthias and Leanne
Golden Bay January 2014
Awaken the Sacred Body

A one week retreat integrating sexuality and spirituality, individuals & couples of all sexual orientation are welcome. This retreat is suitable for absolute beginners, those seeking an opportunity to further their own healing and/or tantric practice as well as practitioners who are interested in expanding and deepening their gifts.

Nelson 1-3 February
Sacred Alchemy Embody your Soul I

Sacred Alchemy to Embody your Soul – Introduction & Basics Course includes ability to develop pathways to access improved mind states and content; your core essence, become more aware of the energetic quality of experience (including the pain body) in order to access and heal subconscious traumatic imprints. Be able to experience energy, your sovereignty, and be able to energetically experience integrity, boundaries and differentiate self from not self. Demonstrate competence with a variety of powerful and rapid techniques for healing trauma and egoic resistance patterns. Learn the basic tools for expanding conscious awareness and using it to heal trauma. Develop a daily practice with gratitude at its core.

Andrew Barnes:  Auckland
6-10 p.m. 21st January 2014
Expanding Women’s Sexuality

Andrew Barnes:  Auckland
6-10 p.m. 22nd January 2014
Expanding Men’s Sexuality

Andrew Barnes:  Auckland
3 1/2 day retreat in Tauranga
Tantric De-Armoring and Full Body Orgasm

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