Sexuality Course coming to NZ – Chuluaqui Quodoushka

Many years ago I wanted to learn more about sexuality.    I had recently separated and entered into the world of men relatively inexperienced and unsure of myself.     I found it difficult dating, especially in the area of sex, so I decided to learn more about relationships.   I heard of a course which was a Native American Medicine Wheel on sexuality and decided to attend – even though I was very nervous about it.   It had a huge impact on me…   I learned how to keep myself safe, how to ask for what I want, how to make agreements and keep them, a beautiful massage, I gained a deeper understanding of my sexuality and most of all self confidence.     The course is very professional, there were several teachers and also a number of helpers who had attended the course before.   I felt safe and supported at all times – and I made a big shift within myself.

If you want to learn more about your sexuality there is a course coming up in New Zealand called Quodoushka in October 24 – 27 in Ohui, near Waihi (Coromandel).  Here is some information about it: The Chuluaqui Quodoushka programs are an education in spiritual sexuality designed to expand your awareness and enhance your expression of your natural, spiritual, sexual, healthy vibrant self.
All Quodoushka programs create a sanctuary for exploration and learning through knowledge and pleasure. Q is designed for you to —
• refine your presence
• enhance your self-worth and self-deservement
• enjoy more intimacy and honesty in all your relationships
• experience new resources to empower Self, Life and others
• transform old beliefs to experience your full potential
• unleash your spontaneity and the joy of your aliveness
— as you explore the power of your sexual catalyst energy, in a safe, ceremonial alchemical container honoring Sacred Law.
By bringing the best of who you already are, combined with a readiness to learn, explore, and discover more, you will enrich your experience of human being.

There are currently four levels of Quodoushka programs, with each building on the experience and knowledge of the previous level. There are early bird prices til the 1st August.  For further information click here.

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