Sensual massage and the art of giving pleasure – Part 3

How to give a sensual massage that will get your partner purring…

• Set clear boundaries with your partner before you start.  Make sure your partner is totally comfortable.  You may need to make some agreements as to where they would like to be massaged.   It is important to respect their wishes, even if you want to do more, or however much they are enjoying it.    Stay within those boundaries – this develops trust.    Make new agreements next time you get together.

 Apply some warm oil to your hands and smooth it over your partner’s body.   Only uncover the parts of your partner’s body that you are massaging.  Being cold will break the mood.

• Stand at the head of your partner.   Start with long strokes down the centre of the back and up the sides of the body to towards the head. • What makes your partner purr is to find out what speed and pressure they like.    Ask them and keep changing it until it is “just right for them”.

• Now try a different stroke.   Stand at your partner’s hips and with three fingers glide up either side of their spine to the base of their skull.  Then bring flat hands over their shoulders and down the sides of their body.    Repeat this until you have found out from your partner what feels good.

• Take your time and be very curious as to what they really like in terms of pressure and speed.   Repeat this movement 6 – 10 times.

• Keep contact with your partner.   Link each stroke with a long gliding movement, so they know where you are. • Notice how they respond to your touch.     Stay focused with them and what they like.  Be an explorer, curious, interested, caring.

• Try different types of movements, thumb circles, squeezing the shoulders, kneading the fleshy parts of the back.   Then try light long gentle strokes, making sure the pressure doesn’t make them ticklish.

• Sensual areas on the body are the neck, sides of the body, hands, sacrum and inner thighs.   Wherever you go, keep checking in with your partner, how do they respond?   Did they like it?

You will have them purring in no time at all.

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