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Learn the art of Conscious Intimate Connection

Open up and revitalise your relationship through our Course on Sensual Massage for Couples.

Discover what your partner wants and learn how to give it.

How to heal from sexual abuse or negative experiences and enjoy making love.

Learn how to cultivate your sexual connection through the Tao of Healing Love.


  • Sensual Massage for Couples Course
  • Tao of Healing Love Course
  • Sexual Healing for Women
  • One to One Skype Sessions
  • For Her

    Learn how to love your sexuality to the fullest, how to communicate your needs in a way he will understand and what makes him tick.

    For Him

    Learn a love language that starts warming her up hours before you get into the bedroom and what really makes her purr.

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    • Fear Of Intimacy
    • 5 Ways to Increase your Libido
    • Communication in Sexuality

    Why Sexuality New Zealand?

    I work with people to improve the level of intimacy in their lives. I can help with fears of intimacy, sex drive issues, and how to know, ask for and get exactly what you want.

    I have noticed that people are searching for more information about how to have relationships, how to connect with each other, and how to make love in a way that their partner would like, so they come back for more. I teach people HOW to be intimate with each other through intimate touch and intimate communication; HOW to be connected with themselves; HOW to have a healthy body for a healthly long lasting sex life.